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Keep Qorbono Going

Qorbono is a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of Scripture according to the mind of the Catholic Church.

The many ways you can help us

1. Prayer

We rely on your continued prayers and the masses offered throughout the world to do what we do. Indeed, nothing worth doing is done apart from the Mass.

2. Subscription to Libraries

Every time, someone subscribes to a library, we know we have served our purpose. This is why this site exists. If you are ready to study scripture with us, please browse our Libraries.

3. Purchasing a series or a talk

If you are still exploring and are undecided, you may consider ordering a single talk or a series. They are inexpensive and will afford you the opportunity to better understand what is it that offer. You can browse the talks and the series here.

Please note that at this point, the IRS has not granted Qorbono the status of a non-profit organization, therefore these purchases are not tax-deductible.

4. Free will donation as a sign of support

Nevertheless, if you have already subscribed or have listened to some of our free talks and you would like to support us. This page is for you.

To donate with no tax-deduction is to sacrifice.

Anyone who studies the Book of Leviticus or Deuteronomy becomes keenly aware of the value of sacrifice before the Lord. It is even said that Angels wish they could offer a sacrifice to the Lord but they cannot; it is a privilege reserved for us. 

We thank you for your generous support and pray that the Lord bless you a hundredfold, protect you and your loved ones.

The Qorbono Team

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