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The Catholic Foundation Library (CDs)
$ 160.00

This is the Catholic Foundation Library as a set of CDs.

This set fills an important gap in the study of Scripture. It introduces important concepts to help you understand how the different parts of Scripture fit together.

The library includes the complete set of talks from the following 13 series:

  1. The Four senses of Scripture
  2. Introduction to the Covenant
  3. Covenantal Blessings and Curses
  4. Covenantal History
  5. Jerusalem's Temple
  6. Liturgy and Feasts of the Temple
  7. Symbols in Scripture
  8. The Prophet Isaiah
  9. The Prophet Ezekiel
  10. The Prophet Daniel
  11. New Covenant End Times
  12. The Angels
  13. Our Lady

The 37 talks that make up this library show how exodus and Revelation are intimately related, that Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel are ever present in the Gospels, that it is nearly impossible to truly understand the New Testament without the Old and that there is a proper Catholic approach to reading Scripture that is both simple yet profound.

By subscribing to this library, you gain access for one year to all these talks. You are free to download them on your computer and upload them to your mp3 or iPod player for your own personal use and the use of your immediate family.

These talks are the fruits of 10 years of study and they are laid out in a specific order to help you integrate the different parts of Scripture into a cohesive whole. While not covering all of Scripture this library of talks will enable you to understand why Scripture is one book and not a collection of writings.

  • To understand how this library was put together, visit the Catholic Bible Trail.
  • If you would rather subscribe to the Library instead of ordering as a set of CDs, please click here.


At Qorbono, we understand the importance of every penny you donate. To that end, we discount the price of the talks when ordered in series and offer a steeper discount when you subscribe to a library, as you can see from the chart below.

Charts of Discounts

When you subscribe to a library, you save $110 from the original price and $56 compared to ordering each series individually.


Introduction to the Four Senses $ 5.50
The Four Senses of Scripture -- The Literal Sense $ 5.50
How to use the literal Sense. $ 5.50
The Allegorical Sense $ 5.50
The Anagogical and Moral Sense $ 5.50
What is a Covenant? $ 5.50
Moses and David $ 5.50
What do we mean by 'blessings' and 'curses'? $ 5.50
The Covenant: Roadmap to Heaven. $ 5.50
Out of Egypt $ 5.50
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