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The Catholic Foundation Library Catalog

Do you have a good handle on Scripture? Can you explain in a few words what the purpose of Scripture is according to the Catholic Church?Is your life biblical? Are you at peace, knowing that God is truly in control? Learn how the books of Scripture form a beautiful mosaic that is at once ancient and new.

This is the Catholic Foundation Catalog

The 36 talks that make up this library show how exodus and Revelation are intimately related, that Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel are ever present in the Gospels, that it is nearly impossible to truly understand the New Testament without the Old and that there is a proper Catholic approach to reading Scripture that is both simple yet profound.

These talks are the fruits of 10 years of study and they are laid out in a specific order to help you integrate the different parts of Scripture into a cohesive whole. While not covering all of Scripture this library of talks will enable you to understand why Scripture is one book and not a collection of writings.

To understand how this library was put together, visit the Catholic Bible Trail.

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The Four Senses of Scripture
Introduction to the Covenant -- The Complete Series
Covenantal Blessings and Curses -- The Complete Series
Covenantal History -- The Complete Series
The Temple of Jerusalem -- Complete Series
Liturgy and Feasts of the Temple -- Complete Series
Symbols in Scripture -- The Complete Series.
Isaiah -- The Complete Series
Ezekiel -- The Complete Series
Daniel -- The Complete Series
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