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EWTN Live May 11 with Father Mitch Pacwa

Revelation is a book that never ceases to fascinate and disturb its readers. It title seems almost ironic for if this book is supposed to reveal something, then whatever that thing is, is lost on its readers in the midst of a menagerie of strange creatures, awsome beings of power and conflicts intent on tearing the very fabric of space-time.This is, truly, the last voyage, the ultimate adventure, mankind's final destination, where we all go (and where no one has gone before)Or is it? 


Revelations in practical and simple interpretations

There are so many bogus and far-fetched "theories" on how to inerpret reveleations.....
Naji is the ONLY one I've ever come across that is liturgical, biblical, historical, practical, and literal (according tot he 4 senses of scripture) .  I highly recommend this in-depth study that clears up all the symbolic imagery and applies it in a practical and sensible interpretation, all while Glorifying the church, and in-line with  Catholic Teaching from the Holy See.  God Bless You Naji for all your charity every week in illuminated these difficult/confusing passages.  

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