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Key Ingredients

A bible study is not a mere study of the word; it is an act of contemplation where we behold the Face of Christ.

Therefore, the study of scripture requires more than an open mind or a willing spirit: it requires the Grace of God flowing in our soul.


The Face of Christ

Sacred Scroll

But God's Grace is not an achievement; it is a gift, freely bestowed by the Father, through the Son, in the Spirit and through the ministry of the Catholic Church.

Therefore, the Sacraments are "scripture en-fleshed." Through them, grace flows within us and predispose us to understand Scripture.

The Sacrament will lead us to the desert; the quiet moment of our day where we sit before Our Father and contemplate the Divine. In that contemplation, knowledge, wisdom and understanding are sown in our mind. We receive freely and we give freely. This is the law of love.

The Lantern

  • If you wish to study Scripture fruitfully, you must pray, and by this I mean spend some time in personal, solitary prayer. The section on prayer delves into this and provides some guidelines for silent prayer.
  • Next, you must develop the habit of frequent Confession. This is a must. The section on Confession talks about: what it is and what it is not, and why it is essential for a proper understanding of Scripture.
  • Third, you must apply yourself to love the Mass, to understand the Mass, and to participate - to the best of your ability - in the Mass. The section on the Mass gives a high-level overview of the purpose of the Mass and why we cannot live without it.
  • Last, you must study Scripture as taught by the Church. You can't skimp there. You can follow the Catholic Bible Trail or you can do it yourself. In either case, the section on study gives some helpful hints on how to best study Scripture when you have a busy schedule and are not a theologian.
               Now this may seem like a lot, but consider the outcome: eternal life or eternal damnation.
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