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The Temple of Jerusalem Part 1 by Naji Mouawad
The Temple of Jerusalem

The Temple of Jerusalem, built during the reign of Solomon, was the only place on Earth God dwealt in a visible fashion.  The Shekinah, the Presence of the Lord, was in the Holy of Holies until shortly before the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon in 587 A.D.
The Temple was built with a system of concentric courts. The Court of the Gentiles was open to everyone. It was the largest court and anyone, Jew or Gentile, could walk there. A dividing wall separated this court from that of the women where only the men and women of Israel could enter; a law enforced under penalty of death. The beautiful gate separated the court of the women from the court of men and a small wall separated the court of men from the court of the priests.
Inside this court stood the great altar of sacrifice and the bronze laver in which twelve priests could bathe themselves.
It was inside this court that the Temple proper stood. Known otherwise as the Holy, this building was inlayed with gold inside and out.
Inside and towards the back stood an impressive curtain that was twenty feet wide and thirteen feet high. Behind the curtain was the Holy of Holies, a cube where the tabernacle was placed and where the Shekinah, the presence of the Lord dwelt.

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