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Do you have a proof of the existence of God?

Can you prove that love exist?
Can you actually come up with a full-proof that anyone (your mother, your father, your wife, etc) who claims to love you, does actually love you?

The proof of the existence of God is of the same order for we are not concerned here with the proof of the existence of an anonymous deity (a clockmaker or a prima causa) rather we are dealing with the distinctly Christian knowledge of God who is love.
How can I prove to you that I exist? 
How do you know we are not alive in a Matrix or that all of life is an illusion?
There are many very good philosophical and religious answers to these questions but as far as I am concerned, I know that God exist because of the living active and loving relationship He has with me manifested in so many ways and once I come to the knowledge of his love, no proof becomes necessary.
In the final analysis, the real question is not whether God exists or not. The real question, the one that has significant and material impact on everyone's life whether atheist or believer, Jew or Gentile, is this:
What is love?
To me, love is not a thing or an idea or a thought or a concept, to me Love has revealed himself and his name is Jesus.

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