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What is the meaning of the the seven trumpets in the book of Revelation?

The answer to this question is neither trivial nor straightforward. To properly understand the meaning of the Seven Letters, the Seven Seals, the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Bowls of Wrath one has to understand the Book of Revelation as a whole for the meaning of these seemingly strange objects cannot be properly grasped outside their immediate context and apart from the totality of Scripture.
Any answer I would give here would be disappointing, not because no such answer exists; one does indeed exist for after all Scripture is written for us and is intelligible by the human mind. No, the actual meaning of the Book of Revelation is at once simple and profound and but as with most things worthwhile aiming for, cannot be understood without a diligent mind and a loving heart.
The Catholic Foundation Library can be seen as a preparation for the Book of Revelation. Its purpose is to cover much of the background material we have forgotten or never learned: the covenant, the Temple, symbols in Scripture such as trumpets and horses, bowls and seals, numbers and animals are covered in detail. The prophetic and apocalyptic texts in both the Old and New Testament are surveyed and a four part study covers the Angels.
All in all, this library prepares the mind and heart to understand the Book of Revelation in light of the perennial teaching of the Catholic Church. What can be said at this juncture is that the Book of Revelation is not primarily about the end-times, nor is it strictly about the events surrounding the life of Jesus.
In its essence, the Book of Revelation is about the presence of the Church in the world and the means that the Lord has chosen to be with us "until the consummation of the world." This book then is mostly about the governance of the Church and the World by Our Lord across time and space. It is sad to see so many Catholics frightened or bewildered by this Book when in fact it is a book of Consolation.
It has taken me a full year to cover this book in an effort that was greater than the one my doctoral thesis required and I hope you will enjoy the series on the Book of Revelation after you have been through the Catholic Foundation Library which is a prerequisite for understanding the Book of Revelation.

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