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Your understanding of Scripture is as good as your prayer

Scott Hahn once said something to the effect that you're in trouble if you prefer talking about the Lord than talking to the Lord. Look, teaching Scripture is great, don't get me wrong, but it pales by comparision to the silent comtemplation of the Lord. In fact nothing gets even close to that. I'm not making this up. The Lord did, and since He is God we can trust that He knows what He is talking about. Saint Martha once got herself busy with cell phones, online orders, and her charitable work while St. Mary sat at the feet of the Lord. St. Martha, being a true friend of the Lord, could ask him anything she wanted so she did:

St. Rafka (Rebecca)

Saint Rebecca (Rafka in Arabic)

The short answer is not really. As Catholics, we understand that Scripture's ultimate purpose is the Mass. Scripture leads us to the fount of life and life is found when we partake of the Eucharist.

In the Maronite Liturgy as in many other Eastern liturgies we sing the Trisagion, the proclamation of God's ineffable majesty and power, although in our case we sing it in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke when he walked this Earth:

Don't think of prayer like an activity; something you need to do, an item on your check list. Prayer is a visit to friend, a time spent with someone who loves you, where the language of love is not centered in your senses or emotions but in the depth of your spirit. Therefore, prayer is foreign to most of us and you must be patient, learning its language slowly.
Here is one recipe that works well. This is a suggestion. There are many other ways and feel free to adapt this to your needs, but do not adapt it until you understand what you are doing.

You wash regularly don't you? Confession is for your soul what water is for your body; it cleanses, refreshes, and replenishes you with the Grace of God. 

How often do you shower? Is your body more important than your soul?
If I could go to Confession each day of the week, I would. Unfortunately my own sloth, the worries of daily life, and the schedule at most churches preclude me from doing this. So, I've gotten in the habit of going every Saturday (unless my Saturday goes berserk) because Saturday is the day when Confession is offered in most parishes.

Elements of a good Confession

First things first: Go. Do not worry too much about the quality of your confession. Getting yourself to go is a feat like the Himalayas (climbing them that is). Just get up and go. Here is what you should do when you get there:

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