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Genesis Bible Study -- Accessible, complete.
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Divine Act of Creation

Creationism, Big-Bang, Evolution, Adam and Eve, the Flood, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph... This study covers these topics and many more in a Catholic mindset. Discover the depth and beauty of Genesis and deepen your relationship with God by meditating on His paternal care to those who love Him.


The Catholic Foundation Library is a definite prerequisite to a sound understanding of the Book of Genesis. It serves as a basis for grasping the way Scripture functions and since the Book of Genesis assumes a solid familiarity with the rest of Bible, it make sense to start with a subscription to the Catholic Foundation Library and then progressing to the Book of Genesis next.

This is a subscription to the Book of Genesis.

The Book of Genesis is the first book of the Bible because without a proper understanding of the unfolding events from Adam to Joseph the sense of Scripture will be truncated and obscured. This book teaches us first and foremost that theology is rooted in history and morality, that God, the Living God of Israel is not a God of a Book but is a God of people and of events. Nothing escapes his attention and no one is outside his dominion.

This study is a pilgrimage and it is a family-reunion. No one truly knows who he is unless he knows where he comes from and where he is going. By walking with the People of Israel and meditating on the sacred dialog between our forefathers and God we enter into the Mystery of Silence where God speaks to each and every one of us and render our lives and time intelligible in the light of His Truth so that we may live every deeply the Peace of Christ that comes through the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

The 62 talks that make up this library cover the 50 chapters of the Book of Genesis. Each of these talks is at least one hour long, some even longer (excluding questions and answers which are also included). On average, we spend about 2.5 hours per chapter and nearly all these chapters are short. This gives you an indication of the depth and level of details of these talks.

By subscribing to this library, you will once and for all be rooted in the Tradition of the Catholic Church since we follow in the footsteps of the Father and more often than not arrive at similar conclusions. Interestingly, we did not do that because the Fathers told us so; we did it simply because the coherence of the whole of Scripture led us in this direction and confirmed the wisdom and great knowledge kept safe for us by the Catholic Church.

By subscribing to this library, you gain access for one year to all the talks about the Book of Genesis. You are free to download them on your computer and upload them to your mp3 or iPod player for your own personal use and the use of your immediate family.

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Steep Discount

At Qorbono, we understand the importance of every penny you donate. To that end, we discount the price of the talks when ordered in series and offer a steeper discount when you subscribe to a library, as you can see from the chart below.

Genesis Discount Chart

When you subscribe to the library, you save $200 from the original price and $107 compared to ordering each sub-series separately. These are steep discounts because we want to make these talks accessible to the widest possible audience.


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