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Chapter 1:7 - Chapter 1:11
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In verses 7 through 11 of chapter 1 of Revelation, Jesus tells us "I am coming soon." What did He mean by that? Often times, we inject into ancient language modern notions foreign to the original mean. The more common the words are,  the greater is the confusion.

The coming of the Lord is a case in point. Our modern materialistic interpretation bends this verb to mean only a physical manifestation visible to the naked eye but when we look at Revelation through the prism of the Liturgy, the meaning of this word changes to something more substantial and perennial.


  • What does the coming of the Lord imply? The end of the world?
  • As Catholics we can see the Lord in a very special way. How?
  • Is suffering necessary to enter the Kingdom?
  • What were trumpets used for in ancient Israel?
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