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Exodus 13-15: Crossing and Wandering
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When we pray "your will be done," how often do we realize that, by extension, we are praying "my will may not be done," and are we ready for the consequences?

God's will was done. Egypt was defeated, Moses, despite all his weaknesses, led his people out of Egypt and into the wilderness. The Israelites followed but their hearts trailed behind. Their feet carried them but their mind was already in a rebellious state: They resented leaving Egypt.

Imagine you had a posh life in a good neighborhood, where you father, grand-father, great-grand-father, and great-great-grand-father lived. For as long as you can remember, your lineage was rooted into this good land. Then, one day, a dictator comes into power, and turns you and your family into slaves. 

Would you then pray "Dear God, please remove this dictator and give us a good government," or "Dear God, please run this country to the ground, uproot me, my family, and my entire community and take us to the desert so that we can worship you in the wilderness?"

The Israelites were happy Pharaoh was defeated. They were not as happy to leave Egypt for some faraway land on account of a faint promise given to an ancient ancestor of theirs. 

Likewise, our views are selfish, limited in scope and focused on our immediate needs. God's views are very different and as we walk alongside the Israelites into the wilderness we will learn the meaning of this words: "Your will be done."

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