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Exodus 24: The Ratification of the Covenant
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When Israel ratified its covenant with the Lord, humanity should have a great victory.Through the ratification of the covenant with Israel, humanity found its missing link back to God. God had been walking with us ever since he visited Adam and Eve in the garden. After the fall, we turned our back on him and ran away... to him. God, ever patient, ever loving, walked in our shadow, never leaving our side but we chose to believe in our shadow and forget him.In this event, hidden away in the wilderness, witnessed by no one outside Israel, God showed himself to his children and renewed the covenant of Noah, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with them. He invited their elders to his table and blessed them. What does this event mean to us today? What does it tell us about God's ways, his faithfulness, his love and his desire to see us sit at his table?God is love, yes. But his love is a covenantal love. With no understanding of the covenant, we loose our way back to him.

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