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Exodus 25: The Tabernacle - Part 1
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The tabernacle of the Lord is a portable mountain. It is the mountain of the Lord in the midst of his people.The ratification of the covenant by Israel was a celebration. Israel, all of Israel, ratified the covenant and their elders were invited to go up the mountain to the table of the Lord where a meal was prepared for them. Then Moses, alone, went up the mountain to receive the tables of the Law. The people remained at the foot of the mountain, the elders were allowed entry to the mid-section of the mountain, and Moses was welcomed in the inner sanctum, the top of the mountain.The mountain is a tabernacle and the tabernacle is a portable mountain. This makes sense if we keep in mind that, to man, the mountain was God's abode, the place were God dwelt. The Lord then, accomodated this belief and took his mountain with him wherever the Israelites went. He wanted to be in the midst of his people and to do so, he instructed Moses to build a moving mountain, a divine tabernacle according to a heavenly pattern.This study will delve into these details and show how God, in his love and mercy, wanted and still wants to live in the midst of his people.

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