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Exodus and Numbers (CDs)
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Exodus and Numbers Bible Study

40 years in the desert is a lifetime of suffering. Sometimes our life may seem that way. When taken together, Exodus and Numbers form a mirror where our own wandering is reflected. This study opens these difficult books for you and show you that your life is like that of Israel: God is your guide and your salvation.


The Catholic Foundation Library is a definite prerequisite to a sound understanding of Exodus and Numbers. It serves as a basis for grasping the way Scripture functions and since the Book of Genesis assumes a solid familiarity with the rest of Bible, it make sense to start with a subscription to the Catholic Foundation Library and then progressing to the Book of Genesis next.

This is a Subscription to Exodus and Numbers

The books of Exodus and Numbers form a arc that starts in Egypt and ends at the shores of the Jordan. Spanning two generations, the great wandering of Israel in the desert happens under the watchful eye of God. Whereas Genesis shows us how God cares for each one of us as individuals, Exodus and Numbers tells us that He also cares about the destiny of the nations and that his covenant shapes the futures of kingdoms and nations as surely as it does the lives of men.

While most folks if asked would say that the giving of the Law to Moses is the central element of these two books, most do not realize that this is a truncated view. Indeed, the law was not given apart from the liturgy of worship but with it. Indeed, one of the essential and urgent message of Exodus and Numbers is that the royal road to live the ten commandments is through our liturgical corporal worship.

This study is a pilgrimage and it is a family-reunion. No one truly knows who he is unless he knows where he comes from and where he is going. By walking with the People of Israel and meditating on the sacred dialog between our forefathers and God we enter into the Mystery of Silence where God speaks to each and every one of us and render our lives and time intelligible in the light of His Truth so that we may live every deeply the Peace of Christ that comes through the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

The 30 talks that make up this library cover the books of Exodus and Numbers. Each of these talks is at least one hour long, some even longer (excluding questions and answers which are also included). These talks draw the essential themes from these difficult books; themes that help us see how God lead his people and by extension how he leads his Church today.

If you prefer to subscribe to this bible study and download the talks at your leisure for a steeper discount, as a set of CDs, please click here.


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