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Exodus -- The complete Series
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The Book of Exodus is an adventure, a divine mystery, a recapitulation of salvation history, a tragic account of fall and redemption. Above all it is a love story between God and humanity.

While this study is not a verse-by-verse on Exodus, it focuses on ten salient points of the book: 

  1. The Election of Moses as a prophet for his people
  2. The revelation of the Holy Name of the Lord
  3. The Ten Plagues of Egypt
  4. The flight into the wilderness
  5. The Israelites reaction after they had left the fertile land of Goshen
  6. The Giving of the Ten Commandments
  7. The Golden Calf
  8. The Tabernacle 
  9. The signification of the Tabernacle in the Light of Christ
  10. Moral reading of the Book of Exodus.

What is peculiar about Exodus is that most folks would say that the most important (and perhaps the only) points of the book of Exodus are the flight from Egypt and the Ten Commandments. Yet, a full one-third of the book is concerned with the tabernacle: The Lord himself instructs Moses on the architecture of the Tabernacle based on a heavenly design and then the Israelites build it according to that pattern. 

It would be an oddity to exclude the last third of a book, be it a novel, a manual or a historical account. In fact, anyone who excludes the last one third of the Gospels would be excluding the crucifixion and the resurrection of Our Lord. So why is it that we cannot remember the tabernacle when we read Exodus or why is it that we do not deem it important?

This series highlights the fundamental link between the giving of the Law (the ten commandments) and the living of the Law (the tabernacle). We will show that the Law that God gave was meant to be lived and practiced around the tabernacle and that the tabernacle (not the Law) is the symbolic mediation of grace. It is symbolic because its sacrificial system cannot confer grace and it is symbolic because the tabernacle points to the fount of grace: the Catholic Church.



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