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Exodus: Moral Conclusion
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If the twelve tribes of Israel were one human being who happens to be you, then what would the Book of Exodus be telling you?

In this final study of the Book of Exodus, we take a step back and consider the entire book in its moral, or tropological setting: Is God active in your life? If so how much? Is he active now and then, watching us from afar, waiting for us to come to him, waiting for our prayers?

Did you ever stop to think how we get purified, how we get cleansed and healed? The sun shines every day, the wind blows, your beating heart beats without your attention. Is God present between the beats of your heart? Does he care? if so how much?

In the final analysis, we are saved, not because we care about God, but because God cares about us, and his care for us precedes us. God cares since before the foundation of the world. 

How much? 

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