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Ezechiel --Chapters 9 through 39
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We continue the study of the Book of Ezekiel beginning with Chapter 9 with the marking of those who sigh about all the iniquities that takes place in the Temple.

A We will understand how the Covenant removes every city, country, or power that stands before it. Anyone who tries to break the Covenant is broken by it. The question therefore is not "if" but "when?".


  • 665 appears in the Book of Ezechiel. What is its relationship with 666?
  • Can one be a committed Christian and be anxious?
  • Why is it that the Church insists that without a physical relationship there is no marriage?
  • The Temple built under Ezra and Nehemiah was materially poorer than the Temple of Solomon, but how is it described in the Book of Ezechiel?
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