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Genesis 15 -- Abraham: The Covenant between the Pieces
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Throughout Hebrew literature the central narrative of this chapter is known by the name ha-berit bein ha-betarim, "The covenant between the pieces". This name derives from the covenant ceremony (berit), the climatic point which is the passing between the pieces of flesh described in verse 17.

God then passes between the pieces of the sacrifice he had instructed Abram to prepare. What does it mean for God to pass between the pieces? What is the purpose of this gesture? Furthermore, why does God consume these pieces by fire?

The Covenant and its structure makes this text intelligible. What is important to realize is that God Almighty is binding himself to a covenant with a party (man) who is utterly incapable of fulfilling his end of the bargain and who will betray God at every turn.

The irony is that man does not know it and God does.

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