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Genesis 17 -- Abraham: The Covenant in the Flesh
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This two and a half hour long talk (two cds or two file downloads) delves into the covenant God will institute with Abram with the annunciation of the birth of Isaac.

Thirteen years came and went without a word from God.

Thirteen years of complete silence.

Sometimes the silence of God is a sign of the listener's holiness; but more often than not, it is the sign of the listener's obduracy and refusal to obey.

Few people realize that the only prayer the Lord will hear from the mouth of a sinner is the prayer of forgiveness. All other prayers will go unheeded.

If you are tempted to say "God does not answer my prayers," examine your life first. Perhaps confession is in order.

You may not have killed anyone, you may not have stolen from anyone.

You may be using contraception.

You may be evading your taxes

You may be flirting with the web when you should be spending time with your family.

So why does God speak to them after 13 years and tell them of the son to be born and the new covenant in the flesh?

Because he has promised and his word will never pass away.

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