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Genesis 19 -- Abraham: Sodom and Gomorah
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As the JPS commentary on Scripture states "Events now move rapidly toward a horrifying but retributive climax.

The drama unfolds through quickly paced scenes that are presented in three parts: the demonstration by the Sodomites of their irredeemable evil; the deliverance of Lot; the devastation of the region. In an epilogue we are told of the incestuous act of the daughters of Lot."

In these events can be a seen a summary view of the way in which God governs the world: those who oppose his Church -- The Catholic Church -- are visited by angels and are given a chance to redeem themselves and if they don't their powers are taken away from them.

Care must be made to distinguish between the way God deals with us (the fall of communism is a good example) and the way we deal with each other when we decide to take matters in our own hands (the later crusades are a good example of this as is much of the way Europe's monarchs ruled their people, although there are notable exceptions like King St. Louis IX.).

We are always tempted to resort to the quick and easy, the simple and simplified no matter who we are and Catholics are no exceptions. Therefore when we speak of those who oppose the Catholic Church we speak of those who embrace a lifestyle and teach others to do the same when this lifestyle is in direct opposition with the magesterial teachings of the Church.

Our duty is to teach, defend the faith and share the turth in love and concern for our neighbor, always being respectful of their right to determine their own fate just as we determine our own fate by our actions.

The Truth sets people free. The sword divides.


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