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Genesis 27 -- Jacob: The Blessing of Jacob
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If we follow the Covenantal trail from Adam down to Jacob we are struck by the fact that seldom does the first born receive the blessing intended to make him a ruler of nations. More often than not it is the youngest that receives the blessing.

In this case, Esau had already sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup but Isaac who has grown old and who in his old age still enjoyed a good meal wanted to give his older son the blessing that was rightfully his for Isaac was unaware of the fact that Esau sold his birthright to Jacob.

Yet Rebekah knew.

When the twins were contending in her womb she had received a word from the Lord that the younger will rule over the older and being obedient to his call understood the blessing was meant for Jacob.

In this she images Our Lady who with great wisdom, love and care brings her children to their father so that they may be blessed in this life and in the next.

Those who are not devoted to her are in for a surprise.

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