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Genesis 31 -- Jacob: The Flight Home
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Jacob came to Laban as a fugitive, now he flees from Laban as a fugitive.

He had only himself to worry about when he arrived.

Now he has four wives and eleven boys and at least one girl (probably more).

The maidservants, herdsmen and the herd.

He needs to move a caravan before his father-in-law catches up with him.

As it is Laban did catch up with him but God's providence prevented him from doing evil to Jacob.

Particularly when Rachel, his daughter, the woman whom Jacob loved, had stolen the gods of Laban and hid them from his view.

It wasn't Leah who brought into his house foreign gods but Rachel.

So often we wonder why our lives are so complicated, restless and unable to fulfill the deep seated hunger in our heart for abiding contentment and peace.

And it is often the case that our life is a mirror image of our spiritual life when it is complicated, restless and hungry for God's love.

And most often than not, the trouble is not at work or in the street.

The trouble is within.

In our family.

In our heart.



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