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Genesis 33 -- Jacob: Contending with Esau
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When he met his brother, Jacob acted prudently. He treated him like a King and stayed away from him.

"May God bless the Czar and keep him far away from us."

Jacob pacified his brother by giving him what his brother had always wanted: material goods.

Is it a surprise that Jacob was munificent in his dealing with his brother? Much has he received and much has he given. Jacob understood the depth of God's love and care for him for after he was gone some twenty one years and he now managed to come back safe and sound with all those he had charge of. It was God that blessed him and multiplied his numbers it was God who will continue to do so according to the Covenant he had renewed with him. Jacob was not attached to his material goods because he knew the love of God. Esau knew nothing other than self-love so he was very much attached to the material world.

One was rich in the Lord.

The other was wretched.

One stood to the left of the Lord, the other to his right?

Where are you in this picture?



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