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Genesis 37 -- Joseph: The Rise of the Dreamer
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Chapter 37 of Scripture is the beginning of the story of Joseph and it will take us all the way untill the end to Chapter 49.

The Story of Joseph is well-known at least in its general outline. What is less well-known is the purpose behind it.

Abraham -- Isaac -- Jacob are called the Patriarchs. Not Joseph. He is not a patriarch because God does not speak to him directly nor does the Lord renew with Joseph the Covenant he had established with Abraham and renewed with Isaac and Jacob.

So then who is Joseph and why is his story told in such great details?

Figuratively, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob represent the priestly line for all three of the Patriarchs offer sacrifice.

Jacob is a lay person. His dealings are with economy, drought, and responsibility to feed the Egyptians and others.

If Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were the agents through whom God brought his Covenant, the story of Joseph illustrates the intended fruit of the Covenant. Namely personal holiness.

As we follow Joseph's peregrination, we will learn how God deals with us, on a daily basis, how he can take a vain, pretentious and ignorant young man and turn him into a Saint.

The story of Joseph is a love story.

And the lover is God.

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