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Genesis 40 -- Joseph: Pharaoh's Butler and Baker
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Egyptian dungeons are hot and smelly.

They are not a place you'd like to spend your vacation.

But they are a wonderful tool to scrub away any remnant of vanity and vices from a godly man.

And what a godly man Joseph was.

Rather we should say "is".

A man who yields to vices would consider himself justified to curse God in such a situation. He would see himself as the victim and God as the torturer.

So often the reality is otherwise: we are the torturers and God is our immolated victim.

Joseph did not complain. He did not offend God with his speech or behavior. He accepted his fate as from God and trusted in Him. We do not know what he thought or what he went through while in Jail but we do know that he remained Godly.

A good and faithful servant, that he was.

Then God gave him wisdom and understanding to interpret dreams.

Understand this: Joseph is not a dream interpreter. He did not have an innate talent to interpret dreams; God gave him wisdom and understanding in specific conditions to help him help others.

And so he did.

And they forgot about him.

For it was not yet his time.

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