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Genesis 42 -- Joseph: His Brothers First Visit
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What do you do when family come knocking at the door -- family you wished you would never see again?

Do you slam the door in their faces?

Do you open the door and sing their praises?

Or do you put up with them for as long as politeness demands and send them off with Aunt Mildred's old flower vase when time comes to take Fido on his walk?

But what would you do if you had absolute power of life and death over your hated relatives?

Joseph did. Joseph had every reason to put his brothers to death; after all it would be only justice. In fact no one would have batted an eye if he had put his brothers and their family to death to avoid dealing with pesky avengers.

Not my will be done but your will.

The evangelical message has always been hidden in the heart of Scripture for God is a God of Love.

And Joseph one of his extraordinary ordinary sons.

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