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Leviticus 02 -- The Olah
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Bible study 2 of the Book of Leviticus at qorbono.com

The Olah is the whole-burnt offering; an offering where the sacrificial victim is burnt whole as a pleasing odor to the Lord. It prefigures the death of Christ on the Cross.

In this bible study, we explore important elements of the Levitical sacrificial system. We begin by asking a simple question: Why sacrifices? Why is it that the Lord required Israel to offer different types of animal and cereal sacrifices? 

This question is even more pressing in our times. Calvin, in his commentary on the Book of Leviticus wrote "In these [first] chapters Moses will treat generally of the sacrifices. But since we read of many things here, the use of which has passed away, and others, the grounds of which I do not understand, I intend to content myself with a brief summary.  Is it true, as Calvin states that the sacrifices listed in the first seven chapters of Leviticus are things "the use of which has passed away?" Is the book of Leviticus is a reliquary of old things that have passed away because there is no need of sacrifices today?

The liturgy of the Catholic Church says otherwise. In this study, we reflect on the idea of sacrifice in the context of the Mass. Since Christ died for us, what should be our response? What should we be sacrificing and why?

The Olah, the holocaust, is a central element of the Mass; it is also a central element in our own lives. Find out how.


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