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Leviticus 04 -- The Laws of Offering in the Light of Christ
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Bible Study 4 of the Book of Leviticus at qorbono.com
Sacrifices and offerings thou hast not desired, but a body hast thou prepared for me

So says Christ in the Letters to the Hebrews. But if God did not desire sacrifices and offerings, why then the sacrificial code of Leviticus?

In this lecture we reflect on the Laws of Leviticus as seen through the Light of Christ. We begin by considering the Olah that Noah offered at the end of the flood and the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham as a whole burnt offering. We move on to psalm 50 where God tells Israel that he has no need of their sacrifices and where he asks for three things: 

  1. A sacrifice of Thanksgiving
  2. Offering the requisite tribute to God, and
  3. To call on His Name in the days of trouble. 

Next, we consider various passages in the New Testatements where Jesus is contending with the Pharisees on the true meaning of sacrifice and worship and we close with a return to the beginning, to Adam in the Garden, before Eve was created. 

And all the while, we keep on asking this simple question: If God did not desire sacrifices and offerings, why institute the sacrificial code of Leviticus? What's the point?

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