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Leviticus 08 -- Guilt Offering
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Bible Study 8 of the Book of Leviticus at qorbono.com

The Guilt Offering (or more precisely the Purification Offering) had to be eaten with the sacred precinct by the priest the same day of the offering or, in some cases, the following day, but never the third day. If this were to happen, the sacrifice was considered null and void, the guilt remained and the one who broke the law would have committed an abomination before the Lord.

Those of us who take their faith seriously understand the reality of sin all too well. We know we are sinners, and this knowledge is essential for our salvation. Jesus told us he had come for those in need of healing and not for those who are well (a statement laced with a terrible irony for no one is well, since no one is good but God).

What we may fail to realize is that our consciousness of our own sinfulness is not complete until we realize that we must offer sacrifices as often as we sin. 

When we count the sacrifice of praise (Thanksgiving offering) we realize that, no, not as often as we sin, but twice that much.

God is not keeping tab; he is not interested in numbers but in intentions. To sacrifice is to destroy a thing we consider a good, something we are attached to, for the benefit or the praise of another. Therefore, a sacrifice has all the ingredients we need to counter sin. It is the way of the Cross.

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