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Numbers 13 -- 15: The Forty Years
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What happens when you trust your own eyes more than God? You end-up wandering in the desert eyes wide open.

These chapters relate the dramatic events that led to the forty years stay of Israel in the desert: God, through Moses, told the Israelites to cross the Jordan and take the land beyond as theirs. They send twelve scouts and ten come back with fables, with Caleb holding firm to the minority report. In the eyes of God majority rule does not trump the truth and he gives Israel what they wanted: the safety of the wilderness where Caleb's generation will live and die.

God's word is not to be taken lightly and our actions should reflect our belief. "If God is with us, who can be against?" Saint Paul will ask the romans in his letter (Romans 8:31). Then as now, the odds seem to big, the world stacked against us, the path ahead filled with dangers and traps. 

If we believe, we should set foot in the Jordan and the Lord of Universe will bear us over its surface to the Promised Land.

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