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The Seven Bowls -- The Four Hallelujahs
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After the fall of Babylon, the heavenly host rejoice greatly in the judgment of God; something we Christians need to re-learn and understand for it has a profound impact on our relationship -- personal and communal -- with the Living God.

The rejoicing is not what we might expect or we may be used to: a party. It is in fact liturgical and this is key to the meaning of the liturgy:A the celebration and rejoicing in God's glory, justice and mercy.

This rejoicing is central to the understanding of the Book of Revelation as a whole: a celebration by the Church in the salvific work effected by Jesus Christ: God walks in the midst of His people as He did it in the Garden and it is He that directs history towards its ultimate fulfillment: a hallelujah of exaltation in the marvelous work of the Lord.

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