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The Seven Bowls -- An Overview
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In this talk we present an overview of the Bowls of Wrath then delve into Chapter 15. In this chapter, we see seven angels in pure white linen, their breasts girded with golden girdles. Earlier, these seven angels appear with the seven plagues which St. John calls "a wonderful portent" and this causes rejoicing amongst the saints who ten sing a new song, the "song of Moses and of Jesus Christ."

Heaven rejoices over God's wrath about to be poured out onto the world. This is a hard concept for many of us who have forgotten that God is holy, not because He is merciful but because He is just... this according to Scripture.

Being able to rejoice in God's justice is the hallmark of a true Christian.A In heaven we shall see all things according to his justice and his mercy.A A If we could not rejoice in his justice in heaven, how could we be happy to a supreme degree knowing that a spouse, a daughter, a son or any other person we once loved is in hell?

God's justice is the foundation for peace and joy and his mercy is the crowning of this peace and joy.


  • What is the significance of the "new song" and why is it the "song of Moses"? Also, who is singing this song?
  • Why is no one is able to enter the Temple until the wrath of God has ended?
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