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The Seven Letters -- The Letters and the Covenant
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This lecture surveys all seven letters and describes their inner structure. Each letter is structured according to the ancient covenantal lawsuit that the strongest party would bring against the weakest party in the covenant.

Two of these seven letters depart from this structure in a remarkable way: they are not lawsuits but letters of praise and prophecy. The remaining five follow the structure precisely.

In these letters, the Lord is reminding each local church of their commitment to the New Covenant and presents to them and us the blessings and curses that flow from the covenant: blessings if we are faithful, curses if we are unfaithful.

The letters showcase the patience of God and his forbearance. Truly the prayer "do not look upon our sins but the faith of your Church" finds one of its greatest confirmation in these letters.


  • Is it true that anyone who opposes God is a "Satan"?
  • Does God put us to the test? If so, why?
  • Can we call ourselves Catholics if we compromise the truth?
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