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The Seven Letters -- Philadelphia and Laodicea
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A city known for its banking and trading, so wealthy that when a major earthquake struck the city before 70 A.D. Laodicea rebuilt itself without requesting aid from the Emperor.

The Church of Laodicea receives the worst rebuke: it is neither hot nor cold. Generally, readers of Scripture understand these two words "hot" and "cold' as referring to the internal disposition of the faithful: "hot" means alive with faith and "cold" means turning away from God and being upset with Him, or something equivalent. Lukewarm is interpreted to mean indifferent. This is a typical case of injecting into the Scripture a meaning that is simply not there.A The meaning of these words is entirely different.

We complete our study of the letter to Philadelphia and then cover Laodicea.

  • God wants us to do something for His glory. Always.
  • Are we blind to our sins?
  • Can we understand God's love outside the covenant?
  • Can we enter Heaven without being constantly watchful? If so how can we be constantly watchful without our guardian angel?
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