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EWTN Live on Revelation...

EWTN Live show with Father Pacwa and a live audience where I present a summary of the The Book of Revelation bible study.

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Great Insights into Revelation

I had the opportunity to watch your program on EWTN the other night and thought it was excellent.
While I have read the Book of Revelation along with the rest of the New Testament and a significant part of the Old Testament a couple of times, I have to admit that I usually skim through it because most of Revelation is incomprehensible to me.
After watching your discussion on the Book of Revelation with Fr. Pacwa, my perspective is entirely different.  You not only made Revelation much more understandable and accessible, you demonstrated how important the Book of Revelation is to an understanding of the Faith.  I am looking forward to revisiting this important part of Scripture with renewed enthusiasm. 
Thank you for your efforts -- and may God continue to bless you Naji! 


Revelations is by no means an easy book to understand, but you do an excellent job in explaining as much as you could in what little time you had with so much clarity! 

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