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Qorbono is a Syriac word that points to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, the Mass and the Eucharist.

I hold a weekly bible study for the love of Qorbono. Indeed, the Liturgy is the fount of grace revealing the beauty of scripture.


Gospel of Saint Luke An in-depth study of the Gospel of Saint Luke. Join us and discover the joy and beauty of this Gospel.

Does Scripture feel like a maze?

Not sure where to start?

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Know your way around Scripture?

Ready to go deep into Genesis? 

Come and learn the depth of God's love in his creation: you.

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Would like to understand the riches, power and beauty of the Mass?

Wonder why so many of us wander in life seemingly going nowhere?

Do you wish you understood how God is Lord over your Life?

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Want to understand the Apocalypse now?

Do you yearn for a Catholic explanation that reveals the love of God in his Revelation?

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QorbonoRevealing the Beauty of Scripture