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Why should I go to confession?

You wash regularly don't you? Confession is for your soul what water is for your body; it cleanses, refreshes, and replenishes you with the Grace of God. 

You should permit yourself to be tormented by every kind of martyrdom before you allow yourself to commit a mortal sin.

St. Louis IX (King of France)


In case you failed to follow St. Louis' advice what do you do? You go to confession, that's what you should do.  Does this mean that we should go to confession only when we commit mortal sin? Read on.

First, let's understand what confession is and what it is not. Confession is one of the sacraments instituted by Chirst.  In John 20:23, the Lord declares to his apostles (not his disciples, but only those men on whom he conferred the order of priesthood): "Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained." Clearly, he did not specify mortal or venial. This means that Christ gave his Church power to forgive all sins.

Christ the Light of the World


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